How We Work

So how do we deliver customer experience research? We Engage, Engineer, Analyse and Act. We could tell you so much about this - read on below but get in contact if you'd like to know more.  

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We don't like research for research's sake - we believe it should address business issues and drive action but our experience tells us this doesn't happen if we don't lay the groundwork first. When we work with you, we will fully immerse ourselves in your business and the market it operates within. That alone doesn't make us unique in our field, so we take things further and work with you to engage with your stakeholders using a series of first steps.  This ensures we understand what everyone wants from the research, your stakeholders understand what it will deliver, and collectively we understand where it should take us.

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At Network Research, we don’t believe in being a one-trick research pony. Through significant investment and development, we are confident that we have all bases covered in reaching and engaging our clients' customers to generate high quality insight.
Our varied team of experienced researchers offer a full range of quantitative and qualitative techniques. 

Our research toolkit contains a number of trusted classics as well as some more innovative new approaches. We  draw upon in-house resource for all our Online (CAWI), Mobile & SMS, Telephone (CATI), Pen and Paper and on site (face to face or web-based) quantitative interviewing needs. We employ qualitative methods including depth and semi-structured interviewing, in person focus groups, online focus groups and digital communities.

Making technology work for us is key. Our in-house custom built Unified Field system brings together real-time project planning, sampling and field management data streams to ensure our projects run smoothly and efficiently. 

We take massive pride in the quality of our work and have been accredited to ISO20252 since 2008. We are company partners of the Market Research Society.


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You won't find black boxes or proprietary techniques here. What you will find is a team of researchers who are keen to get to grips with the data and tell you why things are the way they are and what needs to be done to change them.

You can also look to us to employ the right statistical analysis approaches to get to the bottom of your challenge, and ensure the research is designed to get the most out of these. Simple correlation analysis, through various factor and regression analysis to Max Diff, Conjoint and TURF analysis are at our finger tips if needed. 

Verbatim feedback provides a wealth of sometimes un-tapped information and we'll use our business-themed approach to coding to ensure you get the most from it.

Our analysis doesn't need to be limited to the data we collect ourselves. Research becomes more powerful when married with other data - be this other streams of research data, sales data or customer-profiling information. Our analysts are well versed in streaming data sets together to help our researchers paint a broader, more insightful picture.

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What's the point of research if we don't act on the insight it provides?

The first stage of this is to provide our clients with insightful, actions-driven insight in an engaging format. That format depends on our audience and the type of insight we are delivering. We favour in-person debriefs for strategic insight, and our custom-built knowledge management tool, Fabric, for delivering more tactical insight.  Data visualisation is a key element of our delivery as we know that easy to interpret, visually insightful graphics are an excellent way to communicate our findings.

Variety is the spice of life and we look to ensure our debriefs avoid the hum-drum that can come with research findings. We'll look to bring  the all important voice of the customer to you and your stakeholders using profiling, portraits or VoxPops. We use story telling to bring our insights to life.

The second stage is about helping our clients act on insight. Network Research is experienced in running workshops to further explore data and devise action plans with the relevant parties in your business. We'd recommend Fabric as an excellent medium for tracking and assigning actions, particularly if the research forms part of a closed loop feedback programme.


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